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Upcoming Events


Jan 12th-23rd . . . Girls Intermural @ 6 a.m.

Jan 13th . . . 6th to 7th Grade Registration

Jan 13th . . . Boys Basketball Orion @ WJH

Jan 14th . . . EARLY OUT

Jan 15th . . .NJHS Field Trip to Hale Theater

Jan 15th . . .  6th to 7th Grade Registration

Jan 16th . . . Boys Basketball @ North

Jan 19th . . .  NO SCHOOL- Martin Luther King Day

Jan 21st . . . 9th Grade 4 yr plan

Jan 23rd . . . Boys Basketball @ WJH

Jan 26th- 30th . . . Boys Basketball @ WJH


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Going Old School

Old School, New School

Eagles Always Keep It Cool









Junior High School

2656 North 2400 West

Farr West, Utah 84404


Main Office - (801) 452-4640

Attendance Office - (801) 452-4648

Counseling Office - (801) 452-4647

Fax - (801) 452-4679




Principal -
Sue Sweet

Vice Principal - Bret Craynor



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WJH Mission Statement

To prepare students with the knowledge, skills, values, and vision for success in a changing world.

Desired Results for Student Learning

 I. Communication Skills

          - Students will communicate with clarity, purpose, and audience awareness.
          - Students will integrate the use of a variety of communication forms (e.g., oral, written, artistic, graphic, listening) and use a wide range of communication skills.

II. Reading Skills

          - Students will utilize a variety of reading strategies to increase comprehension and fluency.
          - Students will utilize a variety of reading strategies to learn and to read independently.

 III. Thinking & Reasoning Skills

          - Students will utilize multiple strategies to solve a variety of problems, including those solved in math and science.
          - Students will gather and use information effectively to analyze problems, formulate and test hypotheses, and justify conclusions.

 IV. Responsible Citizenship

          - Students will demonstrate respect for self, others, property, and diversity of ideas.

Belief Statements:

1.   Learning is a shared responsibility involving students, staff, parents, and community.
2.   Students will be provided with a variety of instructional approaches to support learning styles and abilities.
3.   Schools share in the resonsibility to teach productive behavior.
4.   Every individual is responsible for his/her actions.
5.   Every individual has value and should be treated with dignity and respect.
6.   Learning is enhanced by positive relationships, mutual respect, and trust.
7.   A safe and comfortable environment promotes student learning.
8.   The use of technology in the classroom enhances student learning.
9.   Education requires an integrated curriculum designed to teach real life skills.
10. Students need a variety of opportuntiies to apply learning in meaningful contexts.
11. Educational programs should reflect high standards and expectations.